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Art | Media | Design

Ecology Futures

Locally grounded international community in the south of the Netherlands
2 year, Full-time interdisciplinary research pathway
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Ecology Futures

Welcome to the age of man, where one species is dominating all others — following a path of destruction that will eventually lead to its own elimination. Or not?

The master's program Ecology Futures focusses on how art and design can help define and change the narrative around today's anthropocentric worldview. Through artistic research rooted in scientific methodologies, students will be challenged to develop their own position, both theoretical and practical. Linked to the brand-new Material Incubator lab space, students will be encouraged to explore and engage with the biological world as a way to express concepts, directly incorporating living matter into their work. Together we will envision all kinds of different ecological futures, developing critical work about our position as humans in relation to all other living and non-living entities, aiming to achieve a radical shift in perception on society today. 

More information about this pilotprogramme will be available in May 2019.

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