Master of Photography Curriculum

Orientation Phase

The Orientation Phase is a time for looking afresh at your practice and the world in which it is situated. The focus is on exploring your underlying theoretical interests and the roles available to you within the contemporary socio-economic landscape. You will start up new projects or revisit existing ones, and you will learn how to communicate professionally about your work. Critique and presentation, which are focused on the issues informing lens-based culture, are central to the entire programme.
You will also begin your General Academic Studies, which involves training in intercultural and interdisciplinary communication, research techniques, writing and theory.
At the end of the Orientation Phase you will present a research proposal that sets forth your central theoretical inquiries. This proposal will serve as a compass for the integrated research and practice that take place during the next phases of the course. We use your research proposal and those of your peers to further shape and develop the programme.