The Master Institute

The Master Institute

The Master Institute at AKV|St.Joost is a diverse and dynamic community of artists, curators, activists, researchers and writers. The institute is committed to creating autonomous thinkers with a critical view of the world and the profession, offering programmes that both deepen your practice and broaden your perspective.

The Master’s Programmes at AKV|St.Joost have been evolving over the last years. We are growing into a Master Institute that represents an intellectual biotope for students and tutors to do research, reflect on and address evolving positions in art and design. We are now ready to take the next step: after housing the programmes at the two different locations of AKV|St.Joost, we now will be able to join them in one building.

From September on we will occupy one shared building in Den Bosch with all of the participants of the different programmes. This will enhance student’s ability to meet, discuss and challenge their work and opinions in a research driven community of artists and designers from very different cultural backgrounds. We take the concept of Brian Eno’s ‘Scenius’ as inspiration: it honors the idea that we may create as individual artist but none of it happens in a vacuum.

In an environment where students share studio’s that are 24/7 accessible, we encourage students to take advantage of all the opportunities for exchange. We will be organizing workshops and research groups that are open to all students and have different lectures and invite guest tutors with the whole community in mind. The building will also allow us to interact with the public, offering possibilities for exhibitions and events. There will be a lot to discover for the curious. We are ready to explore the interaction of tutors and students from all the different programmes and look forward to all unexpected outcomes. The Master Institute will hopefully become a hotspot for serendipitous moments in art and design!

The programmes at the Master Institute of AKV|St.Joost are fully accredited by the Dutch higher education authorities and comply with European standards as set by the Bologna Agreement.