Be the Future of Something Else | MA Fine Art & Design - Final application Round May 31


Be the Future of Something Else - Master of Arts in Fine Art & Design

Join our unique 2-year master program in Fine Art and Design with three different pathways: Ecology Futures, Situated Design or Visual Arts and Post-Contemporary Practice.


“How can we create a future that is something else, another kind of world, one that we would like to live in?”


This question lies at the heart of our master programs. We empower students to become the new generation of artists and designers who will contribute in unconventional ways to changing the complex and interconnected world we live in.


Discover our 3 Master Programs in Fine Art & Design

We offer 3 different pathways within our Master program Fine Art & Design:


1) Ecology Futures | Enhance your ecological impact as an artist

We live in a time of ecological catastrophes, in which the realities of environmental collapse are starting to reveal their impact on society. Artists and designers have a major task to identify, critique and design the narrative around ecological degradation. This is where Ecology Futures comes into play.
Discover the Ecology Futures pathway


2) Situated Design | Design after the situated turn

During this two-year Master programme, students from various disciplines learn how to provide meaning to the world outside of the studio. In an interdisciplinary learning environment, students will explore how to take environmental, social, cultural and political factors as the basis for design processes.
Discover the Situated Design Pathway


3) Visual Arts & Post Contemporary Practice | Redefine your practice and rol in relation to society

During this two-year Master programme, students from various disciplines develop practice-led and process orientated artistic research that is supported by research-led teaching. In an interdisciplinary learning environment, students have the opportunity to develop independent and collaborative research projects. Through a theoretically informed, critical and reflexive approach, students develop and evaluate their practice in a peer-to-peer context.

Discover the Visual Arts and Post-Contemporary Practice Pathway


Final Application round for EEA and Dutch students - apply before May 31

With the application deadline for our Master programs approaching, the Master Institute of Visual Cultures encourages interested students to apply.

Candidates with a wide range of backgrounds are welcome: artists, designers, coders, scientists, engineers, collectives, activists. 

This final application round is only open to students from EEA countries and The Netherlands.


How to apply?

Candidates wishing to pursue one of the specialist MA streams should express their interest in their personal statement when applying.

Please check our admission page to apply or feel free to contact us at masters.akvstjoost@avans.nl.


Any questions? More information? We're here to help!

You're interested in one of our programs, but... you do have some lingering questions about….well anything - the program, the admission process, housing, funding. Please feel free to contact us at masters.AKVStJoost@avans.nl . We’re happy to help you out!


About the Master Insititute of Visual Cultures - Avans University of Applied Sciences

The Master Institute of Visual Cultures (MIVC) is part of St. Joost School of Art & Design, which is part of the Avans University of Applied Science. All four Master pathways of the MIVC are housed within a single campus location, close to the heart of the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
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