Graduation Research Hub 2022 | May 16th -20th


The Master of Fine Art and Design 2022 second-year sudents are proud to present their work at the Graduation Research Hub on May 16th–20th as part of their graduation process.

In the Graduation Research Hub, students will present their final project, current trends and theoretical underpinnings articulated in their thesis, providing the context, rationale, and findings of their research in front of their peers and a team of external experts. Rich discussion will follow their presentations with the teams of experts and the invited public will be welcome to ask questions.

The Hub hosts the research of students that completed one of the three interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary master courses of the programme: Ecology Futures, Situated Design and Visual Arts and Post-Contemporary Practices. From moving image, to performances, to sculptures, to installations, the versatility of the practices will reveal an interchange of ways of thinking and co-research that holds the potential of collective imagination for another future.

The Graduation Research Hub will take place at V2_Lab for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam and livestreamed thecurrent.is .

During the Hub, the external experts will select three nominees for the EKP Excellence in Research Award. The EKP Excellence in Research Award is an annual award of 2,500 EUR for the best graduate research at master level, sponsored by SDK Vastgoed. The award acknowledges students’ creative ability to progress novel ideas into stimulating works and accentuates the transformative potential of artists and designers in the world.


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